Basic Delivery Service


1-5 small to medium sized items (12"x12"x12")
1 location
5 mile max round trip from your home

additional miles - $0.79 per mile
additional items - $3.00 per item
additional locations - $15
large items - $10 per item

***delivery is different from personal shopping in that it does not require the associate to pay for the goods, only pick up and/or drop off of items.  Many people use this option for picking up items ordered or from craigslist.

Other types of Deliveries: Taking things to and picking them up from places.
Inquire for pricing.
  • Letters and packages to the post box/office 
  • Library Books returned 
  • Dry cleaning drop off or pick up 
  • Shoe repair drop off or pick up 
  • Clothes Alteration drop off or pick up 
  • Laundromat run - 2 load max, plus cost of service, includes folding 
  • Making copies 
  • Flowers/Bouquet run