Same Day Service (SDS)-  any errand service ordered and finished in the same day (24 hours).  Services should be scheduled at least 24-36 hours in advance of the time they need to be completed.  The SDS fee is $10.  

Emergency service - any errand service ordered and finished within 4 hours of the initial order per the needs/request of the customer.  The emergency fee is $20.

Black Out Hours - Because there are so many hours in the day, there's no reason to sit in traffic unless your errand absolutely must get done between 7-10am or 3-6pm.  At those intervals, our associates are busy within stores or homes, gathering items, or putting things away.  If we must be on the road for a delivery or errand, a traffic service fee of $10 will be added to your order to account for the extra gas and time expense that we incur. 

Cancellations need 24-36 hours notice. The fee for failing to cancel a service a day (24 hours) in advance is 10% of the cost of service.

Payment can be in the form of cash, check, credit card (only in person with phone swipe) or paypal.  For ease of invoicing and service, paypal is best.  A small processing fee may apply for orders over $100 paid by credit/paypal.  Recurring payments may be billed to the same account only with the permission of the card holder/client.  All account details are completely private.  Associates have limited access to your information on a need to know basis.

Confirmation for your services ordered will be sent to you via paypal with a request for a 10% deposit that goes toward the full payment.  If you do not put the deposit down, the errands will not be run.  If you do not give proper cancellation notice, as mentioned above, your deposit will be forfeited.  Please check over your confirmation and make sure that your order is correct.  If it is not, please call or email as soon as possible to make adjustments.


Returns- There are two types of returns to cover: returns with personal shopping where an incorrect item was purchased (and not confirmed with client) and returns on service provided.  

  • Personal Shopping - when it is necessary to have something returned that has been bought during a personal shopping service that was not confirmed via an image text (image texts are used during personal shopping to maximize the assistant's ability to meet the needs of the client), Errand Tiger will either refund the cost of the item OR for a small fee, the assistant will deliver the item back to the location for a refund or exchange of the item and return to your home.  Errand Tiger retains the right to consider each situation individually and charge or waive the return delivery fee.  
  • Service - when a customer requests money back for services rendered, Errand Tiger employs a percentage policy at 0, 50, and 100% (cancellation fee may apply)  If the service is o% done, a full refund will be issued.  If 50% of the service is complete, then 50% will be issued.  Completed services will not receive a refund.  

Feedback- What you think and feel about your service matters to us!  Our policies, services, technologies, and employees are working for your ultimate satisfaction!  If you have feedback of any kind- Please call or email! 


Biking, Walking and Carpooling are part of our errand transportation - we intend to benefit our health and yours through clean air alternatives when available!

We are insured!
Also if you need references, please don't hesitate to ask!